Nav-CARE Program

If you are living with an illness that isolates and overwhelms you at times, you aren’t alone. Nav-CARE is a new, free program designed to address these needs. Like a helpful neighbor or friend, Nav-CARE volunteers visit clients in their home on a regular basis with a focus on enhancing quality of life.

Nav-CARE’s specially-trained volunteers help improve the lives of people living with serious illness by creating connections to community services and resources and providing compassionate and consistent emotional support.

This project is funded by the BC Centre for Palliative Care through Supporting our Communities in the Time of COVID-19 Grant Program.

Is Nav-CARE for me?

Are you a senior experiencing any of the following? A serious illness or chronic disease AND

  • Loneliness or social isolation
  • Recent loss or multiple losses
  • Mobility or sensory challenges
  • Increased disengagement
  • Coping with transitions and multiple decisions
  • Difficulty finding or accessing information or resources.
  • Perceived need for the program

Watch this informative video on Nav-CARE.

Who can refer and how does a client become a part of Nav-CARE?

Physician, family, friends, health care professionals and community agencies can all refer to the program.

With the client's consent, a Referral Form can be completed and then provided to our Nav-CARE Coordinator, Clara Dyck (see contact details below). She will then contact the client to set up a meeting to do an assessment and discuss their needs.

How does Nav-CARE fit with the health care system?

  • Nav-CARE was designed to complement the work of the healthcare system
  • Nav-CARE volunteers address needs that are outside of the responsibilities of healthcare providers. However, if these needs go unmet, the ability of clients to stay healthy or access healthcare can be compromised
  • Volunteers develop special relationships with clients and have the luxury of time to engage, listen, support decision-making, and assist clients with practical things that help to meet their needs
  • Volunteers do not engage in the type of healthcare navigation that is characteristic of the role adopted by nurses or social workers

Download a copy of our brochure HERE.


Nav-CARE volunteers can help!

  • Relieve feelings of loneliness, isolation and anxiety
  • Someone to talk through important decision and future plans
  • Connection to community and the world at large
  • Locating local service and resources to help manage your illness
  • Assist to re-engage in hobbies and other interests
  • One on one relationships tailored to your specific needs

What Do Nav-CARE Volunteers not do?

  • Nav-CARE volunteers do not drive you to appointments, errands or shopping
  • Nav-Care volunteers do not attend medical appointments with you

I am interested in being a Nav-CARE Volunteer

  • You must be a current volunteer at the North Okanagan Hospice Society
  • Volunteers need to take the two day Nav-CARE Volunteer Navigator Training
  • An interview process occurs for you to be accepted into Nav-CARE Volunteer Navigator Training
  • If you are interested in applying, please contact Clara Dyck (contact details below)

Nav-CARE volunteers are trained in assessing

  • quality of life
  • advocating for clients and families
  • facilitating connections to community
  • supporting access to resources
  • promoting active engagement

We will be offering a training session in 2022 to become a Nav-CARE Volunteer:

Fall Training Session:
October 21, 2022: 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM, Module 1-3
November 4, 2022: 9:00 AM -12:30 PM, Module 4-6

For more information about becoming a client of the Nav-CARE program or training to be a volunteer, please contact:

Clara Dyck, RN, MSN, CHPCN(C)
Nav-CARE Coordinator and Education and Resource Leader
North Okanagan Hospice Society
Vernon, BC
Tel: 250-503-1800, Ext 104
Email: [email protected]