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Passage Through

Value: $ 2,700.00

Artist Statement:

When I learned, recently, that Ellie, a dear friend, lost her baby girl, Brynn Elizabeth, at birth I was devastated for her and her husband and family. As a mother who has lost a toddler to drowning, I know the immensity of the loss of a child and how it impacts your life and those of your family, forever.

When I went into my studio to paint, shortly thereafter, my heart and mind was filled with thoughts of grief and what she was going through as I began to make a new painting from my imagination. I worked on the painting steadily for three days and it went though several permutations. Scenes of clouds, land, and water – as would be seen from a bird’s eye perspective – came and went as I scrubbed the paint away, dissatisfied. Finally, when I let go the image seemed to paint itself in a flurry of activity and I knew when I stood back and saw what had emerged, it was time to put my brushes down.

In this somewhat abstracted painting, Passage Through, the viewer may recognize there is sky and water however there is no distinct horizon line to orient oneself in the picture plane. Many edges are blurred, and the primarily tender-blue green colour palette is soft and subtle. Paint flows in areas, allowed to drip like tears. The view is as from above and the ever-present source of light - although sometimes not visible but is always illuminating - is on one of the clouds and is reflected in the water. A sense of mystery exists.

Why do things happen the way they do, why do we lose those we love far too soon, why do we have hearts that can be broken and be healed? Our earthly existence is shrouded in mystery. Ultimately, as difficult as it is at times, much of it is not ours to know but to live. By living life fullest in the moment - in faith, hope and love – we may find that the gift is in the heart of life.

Should your bid be declared the winning bid, you agree to pay the North Okanagan Hospice Society the amount indicated below.
The current winning bid is 1500.00 (*). The minimum required bid is 1550.00 (*)
Bidding closes November 30 2021 9:00PM
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